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Dreams do come true!

One of our newest team members Kyle Scowen made a trip out to Lake Cavagnac earlier this summer. What happened was beyond his wildest dreams.

"Hi my names Kyle I am 15 and I’ve just caught the fish of a life time at Cavagnac Lake in France. Although the week got off to a slow start I didn’t let me get it down and I stuck at it.

I started my account with a stunning common, not only was it a great looking fish it was also a new PB for me! What a way to start, I just hoped I could keep nailing them.

Half way through the week, I moved my rod quite close to a lily bed. Using a standard hair rig with a Scorpion Curved hook attaching a proline mango boilie with a little bit of cork to raise the bait above the silt and spread about 12 freebies around it. That evening at about 11.30 my alarm roared into life, and of course carp been carp it took me into a big bed of lilies. Eventually, once I put the life jacket on and headed out in the boat I could feel the fish coming towards me so that was a big relief. It was taking drag very rapidly and managed to wrap itself round another snag but thankfully got it’s self free from that. At this point, I hadn’t even seen the fish but knew it was big as my rod was bent double. After a great fight, its heads came up and the net went under, we took it back to the peg and the rouben heatons swung round to a whopping 73 pound ..."

Absolutely amazing, a fish of dreams for a carp angler! Well done Kyle, and thanks for the write up.

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